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Nedan listas de viktigaste publikationerna från våra forskare.


Björnsson, Gunnar. (kommande) "Explaining (Away) the Epistemic Condition on Moral Responsibility", forthcoming in Philip Robichaud and Jan Willem Wieland (eds.) Responsibility - the Epistemic Condition (New York: Oxford University Press).

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Russell, Paul. (kommande) "Free Will and Moral Sense: Strawsonian Approaches", forthcoming in Meghan Griffith, Neal Levy, Kevin Timpe, (eds.) Routledge Companion to Free Will.

Russell, Paul. (kommande) - "The Limits of Free Will: Selected Papers" (Oxford University Press: forthcoming 2016).


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Szigeti, András. (2012) "Revisiting Strawsonian Arguments from Inescapability", Philosophica 85: s. 91-121.


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